My name is Donna Hornick. I am a daughter, wife, Mom, Step Mom, Grandma, Sister, Friend, Mental Health counsellor.  I have always been a seeker, asking questions to searching for more possibilities. 

In  2005, I was diagnosed with "Post Concussion Syndrome", a head injury and short term memory loss, which caused extreme anxiety and depression. These circumstances lead me to search alternate recovery methods as the medical field advised it would be 2 years before my symptoms would be relieved. Medication for the rest of my life?

Starting with Body Talk which relieved my symptoms after 3 sessions, Reiki and Emotional Freedom Treatment (EFT), AromaTherapy, and Access Consciousness

Did you know when you ask a question; you empower you to know that you know?

I was never taught that I already knew things. I thought all the answers came from other people. 

As my anxiety/panic attacks/suicide thoughts worsened, I learned that 99% of our thoughts, feelings and emotions don't belong to me. 

Ask and you shall receive?

Who does this belong to? Return to sender with consciousness attached

I was in shock, disbelief that a 5 worded question would change my anxiety so quickly and with so much ease.

After 10 months between learning these modalities and finding more Joy in living again, I was able to go off my medication.  After my first bars session, I felt something changed in my body that I couldn't explain to anyone.  Learning to ask more questions rather than living in conclusion.  

Is now the time to find out what questions could be asked to bring back your joy?

Live with ease?  Have more fun? Increase money flow?

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All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory!



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