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Donna is all about transforming your Dreams Into Reality.....

Donna Hornick, speaker, teacher, best-seller co-author, energy enthusiast, certified life coach, brings a wealth of knowledge, tools and holistic approach to understanding life through her own struggles as well by working in the mental health field for the past 24 plus years.  She has supported and empowered numerous people to recovery of success stories by instilling hope and guidance to exploring new possibilities in their life. 


Donna has always been a seeker, wise beyond her years, searching for possibilities of transformation. 


Donna believes that we all have the power of wisdom within us to overcome any challenging deeply embedded belief systems that stops us from living a thriving fulfilling life.  She believes we can all live beyond labels, conditions or circumstances with tools to empower your own knowing.  She has recovered a brain injury, "post concussion syndrome", which caused short term memory loss, extreme anxiety and a lot of head pain by using the power within as the medical system advised it would take 2 plus years for any type of relief with no treatment provided besides medication.  She recovered her condition within 8 months. 

Donna loves learning and growing and is trained in many different modalities; Certified Life Coach,  Body Talk, Reiki, Aroma Therapy, Access Consciousness Bars and Body Processes and just plain learning about Awareness and how it helps change our lives with ease. 

Did you know when you live in question?

Your life expands.  Empowers you to know that you have the wisdom within!

Did  you know when we allow everyone else to lead us with their points of view, we live a very contracted life? I always thought all the answers came from other people. I have spent a lifetime worried what other people would think of me.


Donna enjoys working with "ambitious" people who are ready to take a deep dive in, dream full out and up-level their results.  There is a proven, reliable system to turning your dreams into your reality. 


Donna dedicates her life to understanding transformation and success principles.  She believes if you are not happy; then make a change.  Is now the time to explore this change?

I alone can't change the WORLD, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many RIPPLES. 

~ Mother Theresa ~ 

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