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My name is Donna Hornick and I am a transformational life coach. I am an energy enthusiast who loves to help people transform their life from merely surviving to thriving. 

What is a Transformational Life Coach?

How can this be helpful in your life?

Donna's coaching transforms lives. You will experience breakthroughs that will challenge your common hour thinking patterns resulting in changes in every area of your life.  Such areas as: health and well-being, careers, relationships, and time and money freedom

She will help you believe in your unlimited potential and diminish fear, worry and anxiety. Donna believes you already experience flashes of awareness and have BIG dreams which keeps you rotating on the same frequency to HOW to make that next step. If only, I had this.. I can't do this because....

Donna is here to guide you to explore the idea that anything is possible especially when we stir up and discover that innate wisdom that is deeply embedded in your being. 

What I do, and How I can help?

I offer a variety of in-person seminars, workshops, and one-on-one coaching and group coaching programs.  I also offer in-person or distant personal healing hands-on healing sessions


Since you have come to my website, not by mistake, you have already opened the door to the greatest possibilities to a life you love living.  Is NOW the time to seek out your destiny?  Learn more about how to achieve that one dream with proven, reliable, predictable matter how big or small you might think that dream is.  It is possible! If you don't believe it, BELIEVE I believe it for you!


"We are either creating a life by design, or by default."

Mary Morrissey

Is Now the Time to Transform Your Life? 

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